Middle Years topics

These presentations are an indication of what our speakers can talk about in regards to parenting children 6-12 years old. If you have a specific topic in mind, we can customise a presentation to suit your needs. Please contact us directly regarding a topic that may not be on this list.

Homework-and-choresHomework and chores

Hassles associated with chores, homework and TV can cause family life to become fraught, leading to power struggles developing between parents and their children. Learn what is age-appropriate, and ideas to positively manage your family with routines and teamwork.

Discipline-without-shouting-forceDiscipline without shouting, force or fluster

Learn to get cooperation from your kids – even the tricky, strong-willed ones! Alternative strategies for firm but fair discipline using effective, peaceful and relationship-enhancing techniques with less noise, anger and resentment that will help kids think, solve problems and make better decisions.

Bullying-your-child-doesnt-need-to-be-a-victimBullying – your child doesn’t need to be a victim

Practical approaches to avoid, deflect and defeat bullying, with strategies to bring about change. Learn ways to reduce the psychological harm to your child, including proactive approaches you can take with schools. We also discuss what to do if your child is the bully.

Parenting-challenging-boysParenting challenging boys

Coping with difficult and defiant boys can be challenging. Learn practical and effective methods to manage their behaviour and get things back on track.

Mean-girls-helping-girls-cope-with-bullying-and-friendshipsMean girls – helping girls cope with bullying and friendships

It can be hard to know how to best guide our girls through the challenges they face with friendships and bullying, which is a concern for many parents. Gain new ideas to help you deal with different situations.

Raising-tricky-challenging-kidsRaising tricky, challenging kids

Learn why they’re ‘tricky’ and gain practical skills to support your child so you can build on their strengths and become part of the team. Learn to manage your child’s moods and behaviour so you can help them develop positive life habits.

My-child-the-lawyerMy child the lawyer – strategies for dealing with an argumentative child

Some children have to offer their point of view, no matter what. If there is even the smallest inkling of developing a ‘discussion’ this child will start and finish one. If they don’t have their say they will simply explode! Learn practical and stress-easing strategies to help manage and deal with the issues.

How-to-deal-with-angry-childrenHow to deal with angry children

Learning to handle powerful, hot emotions can be a huge challenge. Some ways of suppressing anger can result in even more toxic consequences. Learn to understand anger in yourself and your child, and train your child to control their anger, direct it and use it positively.

Raising-happy-confident-and-resilient-childrenRaising happy, confident and resilient children

Resilient, confident children deflect trouble, resist pressure, handle stress and recover from setbacks and trauma. All children can be helped to tackle life’s ups and downs so they can grow with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Discover the key ingredients required to help children develop these sought-after qualities.

The-perfectionist-childThe perfectionist child

If you are faced with a child who is overly sensitive, must get it right every time, hates making mistakes or being corrected, is reluctant to try new things in case they get it wrong and loses the plot over minor issues, we will give you some new insights and ways to manage your perfectionist child.

How-to-talk-so-kids-will-listenHow to talk so kids will listen

There is so much more to communication than just mere words. Messages can often be hidden behind a smokescreen of emotions. Sometimes we need to change how we act and speak to get our messages through. Learn practical tips that will increase cooperation and reduce conflict and tension.

The-strong-willed-childThe strong-willed child

Some children are naturally compliant while others seem to fight their parents for every bit of ground. A practical session where you’ll pick up a range of strategies that will increase your confidence and effectiveness as a parent of strong-willed and spirited children.