Topics frequently covered

babyEarly Years (0-6)

  • Strong-willed children
  • Anxious children in new situations or when apart from parents
  • Problems eating, sleeping or toilet training
  • Personality clashes with parents or siblings
  • Tools for effective discipline

Middle Years (6-12)middle

  • Angry, upset children
  • Children lacking in confidence and motivation
  • Children who are oppositional
  • Children unhappy at school or with friends
  • Parents feeling overwhelmed and powerless

tweenTweens and Teens (12-18)

  • Disrespectful or non-communicative teens
  • Strong-willed teens
  • Teens pulling away from family, secretive, defensive or making poor choices
  • Aggressive teens
  • Unmotivated teens

Some situations are beyond the scope of our service, especially if they may be mental health issues or complex relationship problems between partners. Other parenting services may be more suitable.