What parents say about Family Coaching

“I appreciate it has been some time since I saw you and you spent some time with the boys but I have been wanting to email you for some time to say thank you for your help! When I first met you I was desperate to “understand” my son and to get some useful tips to help him settle at school. I had been so stressed by his behaviour, was struggling and, to be honest, wasn’t really enjoying being his mummy all that much. After the first hour I spent with you I felt so much better. In less than an hour you had given me more insight into my son and the influence of my parenting on his unique traits than ever before. The tips you gave me were useful, common sense but made the world of difference and we are still using them a year later! Thank you for the support you provided to us and for helping me become a better parent.”

“I wanted to say a big thank you to Parenting magazine for the Family Coach column. I recently contacted one of your coaches for advice about my nearly three-year-old daughter. After an hour on Skype my concern had turned to confidence, my trial and error tactics turned into a definite plan, my guilt transformed to peace and my much-loved, strong-willed daughter was not “my fault”, but she was normal, a great asset, well on her way to be parented in a manner that would better suit her needs, still very much-loved but now also understood. Our day-to-day life and the way we now see our gorgeous girl has totally changed because we understand some of the things that are really important to her sense of being heard and respected and we can embrace her playfulness and energy in a more positive way. I realised that Family Coaches are there to help normal, good, capable parents come up with new solutions to everyday problems. My strong-willed child was my third of four children so I had plenty of experience but as parents we are all so different and we all have different areas of strengths and weaknesses. Why struggle when help is just a phone call or email away? It took only one session to make a massive difference for us and I’m glad we got help when we did as I feel so much more guilt-free and confident. In the future if we have other struggles I won’t wait for family life to deteriorate before I ask for help from an expert.”

“Thank you for making a positive difference to our family. We have a better understanding of our child, his behaviour and how to handle it – family life is a lot more harmonious and we feel more confident.”

“Seeing a Family Coach really helped me at a time when I was feeling a bit lost.”