Encouragement for dads

Once again, we are serving up inspiration (and bacon) to hundreds of dads across the country! It’s a privilege to create some time to honour dads and all they do for their families and communities, and to provide some take-home encouragement at the same time.

This year, we’ll be hosting Fathers’ Breakfasts in Auckland and Christchurch, and we have some fantastic speakers lined up. Come and be inspired and encouraged, while enjoying a delicious cooked breakfast, and of course, in true Parenting Place style – a good dose of humour! The practical nature of the speakers’ advice, combined with the atmosphere generated by hundreds of fathers in a room, makes it a significant and fun event.

In previous years, speakers such as Sir Stephen Tindall, Sir Ralph Norris, Sir Ray Avery, Sean Fitzpatrick, Wayne ‘Buck’ Shelford, Graham Henry, Robbie Deans, Nick Farr-Jones, Neil Finn and John Campbell have spoken at Fathers’ Breakfasts. All of them are quick to admit their failings, but they are also keen to pass on what they’ve found that works.

Feedback from previous Fathers’ Breakfasts

“In terms of the community, it was a great presentation on what it is to be a father and sometimes we can forget this, working as we do. Myself and the team thoroughly enjoyed the testimonies and messages shared from the speakers. I personally found a lot of helpful tips as a father, husband and manager on how to treat and talk to everyone. Breakfast was a bonus, but to be in a room of 800 men was awesome.”
Rob Jackson, Store Manager, The Warehouse

“The Fathers’ Breakfast this morning was outstanding. It is a good formula! Pio the extraordinary MC and all the speakers had something worthwhile for us to take away and act on. Everyone at the table we hosted enjoyed the morning. So another bit of time well spent. Thank you all for running this. 10/10.”
Murray Bell, Director, Inspired Business Solutions Ltd

“I have been coming to these breakfasts for about seven years and I think the sound bites from this one were the best yet. The different mix of movie/live acts/speakers/interview and ‘free’ eating time was excellent. Well done, will definitely be back next year!”
Stuart Weir, Partner, KempsWeir Lawyers

“Loved being there and have bumped into guys who attended and really enjoyed it. Mums get a lot of attention and support, and quite rightly, but good for dads to know it’s ok to talk about parenting and the challenges. Keep up the great work!”
Raf Manji