Parenting Yadults


Is your young adult equipped to make it in the real world? Are they ready to lead a responsible, independent and successful adult life?

This book contains the tools to ramp up your final parenting years, guaranteeing your 16-24 year old yadult enters adulthood confident, capable and motivated. Whether you’re in crisis mode, or things just need a little fine-tuning, you’ll discover:

  • Simple, easy ideas to inspire your yadult to be self-motivated – instead of nagging
  • How to impart the right values without your yadult rolling their eyes at you
  • Why your parenting style may not be working and how to make a fast breakthrough
  • Foolproof ways to give your yadult the winning edge to get the job they want
  • Practical solutions to solving conflict and building a healthy relationship
  • How to outsmart your yadult’s weird, aggro or dysfunctional behaviour
  • How to guarantee family harmony using a contract that everyone will want to sign
  • The dangers of over-parenting – when helping could be hurting
  • Clever ways to protect your retirement fund and preserve your kids inheritance
  • How to know the right time for your yadult to leave the nest

Author, Yvonne Godfrey has helped hundreds of young people successfully transition from youth, to adulthood. She gets results, even with the most difficult yadults, as seen on the Australian reality TV show The World’s Strictest Parents. You will be inspired and challenged by Yvonne’s wise, witty and commonsense approach to parenting.

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