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Unlocking Your Child’s Genius

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All children have greater capacity and inner genius than either we or they realise. This book is about helping you to unlock that potential. It is designed to help you to parent intentionally so that your children can flourish and develop their own form of creative imaginative genius. It is not about hothousing children or having them leap years ahead at school.

Children are born bright, curious and inquisitive. All too often in middle childhood, the initial fires of genius that burned so brightly falter, and there is a risk that they will be snuffed out. If this happens, children fear trying new things and worry about making mistakes. the child is left with a stunted version of their abilities and themselves.

Fortunately the power of parents to ignite the blaze of brilliance at this time becomes truly inspiring. You have at your fingertips the best laboratory for unlocking your child’s genius – it’s called the world. By exploring, creating and playing in it you can expand your child’s mind. By taking time with to delight and wonder and be curious you ignite sparks that will flicker and flourish throughout your child’s life.

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