My Life Rulz


The book is designed to invoke meaningful discussion and to empower the reader with relevant insights, answers and reasons for the common difficulties our young people face. Can you imagine a world where children’s self esteem and confidence is intact? Where they are happy with who they are and the way they look? A world where people respect and care about each other and where failing isn’t something to be avoided at all costs? There are 10 ‘rulz’ in this beautifully illustrated book designed to intentionally build the mind, not on positive thinking, but on deep internal reassurances that are vital building blocks for future emotional health and resilience.

The DVD is a teaching resource so that you can get the most out of the book. Beginning with an introduction from the authors and then teasing out each rule for you in more detail. We have designed it so that you can just watch short chapters at a time if you wish.  There are ‘do’s and don’ts’ for developing or hindering emotional resilience, many of these you will wish you knew about years ago, but it is never too late!

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