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Real Food Less Fuss

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Much more than a cook book, real food less fuss will change your life, transforming the way you feel by making it incredibly easy to plan, shop, cook and eat well, for life.

Every copy comes with a laminated menu planner to display in your kitchen making meal planning a breeze. You can stock up now for Christmas and make life even more fuss free!

A great gift for anyone interested in discovering the easiest ways to boost their health and vitality.

Not only does this book show you how to create a library of meals in your freezer, giving you several nights off cooking every week, it will help you overcome cravings and have a relaxed attitude to food, so you can enjoy eating mindfully and guilt-free, just like the French do.

If you want to eat more real food but you’re not sure where to start or how to find the time, this guide will make it easy, affordable and delicious!

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