Baby Whispering (DVD)


“Every new parent needs this DVD. It’s an incredibly informative guide that gives much-needed confidence in those first days and weeks.” Francesca Rudkin, TV presenter and film reviewer.

In this 78-minute DVD, leading post-natal advisor Sharlene Poole gives parents the skills and confidence to lay the foundations for a settled and contented baby. Using clear visual demonstrations and simple explanations she shares her knowledge and expertise to help parents demystify the first precious weeks of their baby’s life.

Sharlene’s techniques cover –

  • Feeding – discover effective breastfeeding positions and latching tips
  • Burping – learn how bringing up wind is the key to a calm baby
  • Sleeping – practise swaddling and alternative sleeping positions
  • Settling – understand your baby’s cries and how best to respond

Plus – coming home – the first 24 hours, bathing demonstrations, changing tips, activities and play suggestions, clothing and equipment lists and much more.

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