The Big Weekend (2 CD set)


We know that parents want to have conversations with their kids about some of those tricky and awkward topics like sex and puberty, but might not know how to bring them up or where to begin. The Big Weekend – hosted by Petra Bagust and Pio Terei – is designed to start these conversations for you, preparing you and your child for the teen years ahead. The Big Weekend is designed for both boys and girls and is available for purchase on CD, alternatively, visit iTunes or Spotify and search for The Parenting Place.

Duration – 2 hours

“Toby and I had one of the best conversations ever – thanks to this resource. I really couldn’t rate it highly enough. If you have a child aged 10-12 then download the file, jump in a car, and head away for a two-day adventure. Your relationship, and their vision for life, will never be the same!” – Greg Fleming, CEO

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