Space for you and your baby

Welcoming a brand new little person into your whānau is both wonderful and challenging as you adjust to a whole lot of ‘new’ – new routines, new responsibilities, and a new, precious someone to know and love. 

In October 2017, the work of Space NZ Trust, an organisation offering quality postnatal support, was integrated into Parenting Place. This means that Parenting Place can now journey with whānau from the time their pēpi is born – supporting parents as they navigate this new and exciting chapter of parenting, and all the chapters after that.

Space for you and your baby supports new parents to feel confident and valued in their parenting role. Parents explore parenting and children’s development as they discover what works for them in a safe, facilitated environment. Together they build on their relationship, learning more about each other as they enjoy music, books and play experiences, while getting to know other new whānau and building strong relationships in their community.

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Thank you to the NEXT Foundation and the Tindall Foundation for your support.