Donate a brick on our family wall

Families are the foundation of a community just like bricks are the foundation of a building.

Donating a brick on our family wall at The Parenting Place centre is a great opportunity to honour your family, acknowledge wonderful parents, remember a special family member or just share wise words that have helped your family.

Donate a brick for $500

Our vision for the centre is to offer help to anyone seeking parenting information or advice. Our workshops are heavily subsidised which means the centre runs at a loss.

Approximately 5000 parents attend the 250-300 parenting, relationship and lifestyle workshops held annually at the centre. Each week, hundreds of parents visit the centre to buy resources, seek advice from a Family Coach, or to meet with other parents for coffee or lunch. By donating a brick, you will be contributing directly to the ongoing costs of running The Parenting Place, ensuring we can continue to support thousands of parents a year.