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Entertainer Pio Terei shares his heart, his stories and a huge amount of practical parenting knowledge in a series of new 90 minute shows.Pio is one of the best loved entertainers in the country and these new shows combine songs, stories, videos and great parenting ideas. He gets across vital messages about happy, healthy family life in a way that really ‘clicks’ with the audience. It is designed with Māori in mind, though the show has a wide appeal to all audiences.


Pio tailors the show to suit the audience. He has presented to groups of teenage mums and prison inmates, to businesses, on marae, in community and school halls, and at clubs and hotels all over the country. Pio will include issues that are of particular relevance: if organisers request a particular topic he is always willing to include it. He focuses on positive solutions rather than problems; for example, instead of focusing on violence in the home, he will talk about other ways to express strong emotions, solve problems and control children, giving people alternative tools so that they don’t fall back on to hitting and yelling.

The three main presentations are:

  • Become a Parent Coach
  • Building awesome whānau
  • Parenting teenagers

The first two shows are great for parents with children of any age, and parenting teenagers is for parents of adolescents or soon-to-be teenagers.

How do I get The Parenting Show with Pio in my community?

Easy! If you provide a venue and a crowd, we’ll provide the show. Contact us, and we’ll not only talk about what the fee will be, we’ll also tell you how most organisers are usually able to secure community funding and sponsorship to make the event very affordable for your target audience, sometimes even completely free. We can help with advice about publicising and arranging the event as well if you require it.

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