Train to run a Toolbox group

Toolbox groups are run by approved volunteer facilitators who have been trained by Parenting Place. Our facilitators are passionate about parenting, enjoy working with people, are comfortable in a group setting and committed to practical, positive and fun learning. During training facilitators choose one of the four age groups offered to train in – Baby and Toddler Years (0-4), Primary Years (5-9), Intermediate Years (9-12), Teenage Years (13-18) and Building Awesome Whānau (0-12).

Volunteer facilitator training

Before becoming approved as a Toolbox facilitator the following steps must be completed:

  • Application form – complete written application form including Police vetting form and provision of names of two referees.
  • Meeting – meet with Parenting Place coordinator for informal discussion to give the potential trainee more information of what is involved in the bigger picture of Toolbox facilitation.
  • Toolbox group participation – participation in the age specific Toolbox group in which the trainee would like to facilitate.
  • Style, essence and skills training – attend a session with Parenting Place coordinator to look at an overview of the style and structure of Toolbox, an investigation of key facilitation skills and an introduction to key parenting principles.
  • Practice groups – trainee facilitators are grouped together to practice facilitating a portion of a Toolbox session. By working through the sessions together they increase their familiarity with, and understanding of, the material.

The application is then considered by the Toolbox team at which point approval may be given.  Once you are an approved facilitator and have booked your first group we will supply you with the facilitators guide and all the resources necessary to run that group.

Running a group

Once trained and approved a facilitator can then run a Toolbox group. These groups are usually run by at least one facilitator and a host. The host is the person or couple who provides the fantastic food and coffee, supports the facilitator and performs some of the admin tasks. A portion of incurred expenses is reimbursed to the facilitator.

Training in Australia

Training in Australia takes a different format to that in New Zealand. For more information about training in Australia, please email Robin Ferguson or call +64 9 524 1386.

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