Toolbox for caregivers

caregiversParenting children not born to you can be exceptionally rewarding but it is also a demanding and challenging task which requires great skill and sensitivity. The daily interactions of family life help to give children a sense of security. Ordinary routines of caring, nurturing, feeding, playing and communicating provide caregivers with the opportunity to change the ways children feel about themselves and others.

Toolbox parenting groups are a unique and fresh approach to caregiver education. Over six sessions we are aiming to provide you with practical skills and strategies whilst encouraging you to look after you! There is a good mix of presentation material and a rich vein of humour that runs throughout the course.

The groups are led by a trained facilitator who may be a caregiver. Due to recent government funding we are able to offer Toolbox groups free of charge to caregivers: foster carers, grandparents raising grandchildren, adopters, whanau caregivers and Home for Life parents.

We have developed a Toolbox programme for grandparents raising grandchildren that addresses the specific issues facing this group of caregivers.

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