The Middle Years (6-12)

Nothing gives parents more pleasure than seeing their children grow and mature in the family. The middle years are vital. They are your window of opportunity to stay connected, teach skills and build memories.

It is now that children learn about right and wrong, and most important of all, it is during these years that they are still interested in what you, as a parent, think!

The six sessions of this course will provide you with the skills and strategies needed to be the parent you have always hoped to be. You will be given insight into the particular challenges and unique opportunities that the middle years bring. And you will gain tools for confidently handling the challenges that arise along the way.

What’s covered in the six sessions? 

  • Session 1 – Parent types
  • Session 2 – Building character and self-esteem
  • Session 3 – Emotional resilience
  • Session 4 – Discipline – boundaries and consequences
  • Session 5 – Creating traditions and memories
  • Session 6 – Capitalising on the ‘tween-age years’
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